Our company, "ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD" with our structure that adopts to pioneer the firsts in the sector, was established in 1976 in the SEFAKÖY district of Istanbul. Our company has accomplished successful works in both the automotive and manufacturing sectors. Between 1996 and 2004, it has accelerated the sector by manufacturing horizontal balancing machines locally. Our company, which transitioned from the manufacturing sector to the automotive sector, went to branch in 2004 and continued to serve as Brake Caliper repair maintenance, Brake Caliper spare parts sales, Cardan Shaft assembly, repair maintenance and spare parts sales in the automotive sector in a closed area of ​​700 square meters in ESENYURT district.   


45 Years of adventure during this time, our company has worked to innovate and improve itself. As a result of this, we have established our 3rd place on the brake caliper and cardan shaft in the same way, in a 500 square meter closed area in BÜYÜKÇEKMECE in 2016, and continues to work to provide the best of service by producing professional solutions with our expert staff and advanced machinery and technology park. Our company is moving towards its goals with determined steps. The secret of our company's ability to look to the future without fear, at the point it has reached today, is the words of our founder, HÜSEYİN COŞKUN. At the beginning of these words, "QUALITY APPROACH FROM THE PAST TO THE PRESENT." 


Our company always does quality honest work; Keeping the promises made to its employees and customers has taught us that the most important capital for a company is the trust obtained in return for honest work and keeping the promises made. Another power that has brought us to where we are today and will carry us to the future is our planned work and the ability to calculate the steps we will take. In this way, we continue to see our future more clearly and to add innovations to the sector and our company.